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About my famous adjacent relatives
​"He who is not proud of his ancestors, either shows that he has no ancestors to be proud of, or 
 else that he is a degenerate son." — Grosvenor

Oh ever since the dawn of mankind
 We all belong to a tribe
 It's good to know this one's mine
 -Gavin DeGraw, Fire

 Aziz Ansari, comic and actor,  on misunderstanding ghosts
 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____
 INTERESTING PEOPLE CONNECTED TO MY LINEAGE [[I am the pink square]] Connections: 	5490 Family Trees on Tribalpages.com
 In STORIES I have a list of family members and which war they were in.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___
 A.F. "Tony" Bultman: House of Bultman funeral home 1883-2006  See "THE BULTMAN FUNERAL HOME" under STORIES (my great x 2)

Fritz Bultman, painter. family friends with Tennessee Williams.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Bultman (Grandfather's cousin)

Henry J Bultman Jr, New Jersey Mayor (Grandfather's cousin)

African-Creole New Orleans/Paris composers
 Charles Lucien Lambert -composer and musician 
 Lucien-Léon Guillaume Lambert
 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucien-L%C3%A9on_Guillaume_Lambert Sidney Lambert 
 (Grandfather's family)

Leonce Gueydan

Judge Arnold Krekel, co-founded Lincoln University  
 (Mom's brother in Law's ancestor)

 Adam and Eve (search by surname "b.c.")

Rollo the Viking, first king of Normandy 
 (ancestor through Bliss line)

William The Conqueror, first Norman King of England 
 (ancestor through Bliss line)

Thomas Bliss co-founded Springfield Mass 1635
 (ancestor through Bliss line)

Mary Bliss-Parsons accused of bring a witch 1675
 (ancestor through Bliss line)

Joseph Parsons Jr
 Joseph Parsons, Jr. was one of the members of this pastoral search  committee, which ultimately chose Jonathan Edwards, whose tenure as pastor would lead  to the Great Awakening
 Albert Parsons of Chicago Haymarket Affair

Charles. W Bliss 
  "Bliss dynasty" of Hillsboro IL. editor and publisher of the Montgomery News.  A web search of him started my genealogy quest. 
 http://history.montgomeryco.com/Archives/View-Photo-Archive/ID/1035 (ancestor through Bliss line)

Alfred Bliss 
 friends with Peter Cartwright, helped found what is now known today as Macmurray College in  Illinois
 (ancestor through Bliss line)

Fraser Bliss Price 
 former attorney/mayor of Monmouth County, New Jersey

Lucille ball, American actress
 (related through Bliss line)

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen 
 (related through Bliss line)

Henry the III
 (nan and grandfather descend from two brothers)

Jesse J Phillips 
 Chief Justice of the Illinois State Supreme Court
 (related through Bliss line)

Oran Roberts, 17th governor of Texas

Franklin Pierce 14th USA President
 Rutherford Hayes 19th USA President

Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower
 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Hopkins_(Mayflower_passenger) ancestor of Elizabeth Phillips-Bliss

Edward Lydston Bliss 1865-1960
 China Medical missionary

Edward Lydston Bliss Jr 1912-2002

 Leslie  James "Bill" Buchan , Ph.D
 Former Dean, Tulane University and former Vice-President, Washington University http://freemanblog.freeman.tulane.edu/Centennial/index.php/2014/03/24/leslie-buchan/ (My maternal great grandfather)

Chester "Chet" Buchan
 Mayor and Justice of the Peace, Clarion Iowa
 (brother of Leslie James Buchan)

President Abraham Lincoln's grandfather Abraham Lincoln (born 1744) married my relative Mary Shipley, she died, and he married the President's grandmother.  Mary is sibling to Leslie James Buchan's ancestor Richard Shipley 1709-1781

 Edward Seymour, 8th Duke of Somerset 
 (this is unverified, see notes for William Seymour (1760-1846)) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Seymour,_8th_Duke_of_Somerset

A R Schwartz Texas Legislature

Bruce Mcgill (thanks to Kimball Everingham)
 (related through Seymour line)

ESKRIDGE/JOHNSON (related to VA aristocracy)_____________________________ Col. George Eskridge Sr. (Guardian to Mary Ball, mother of George Washington) http://eskridgefamilyassociation.com/
 (my Great x 7 grandfather)

Col. William Augustine Washington, second cousin to George Washington https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Washington

Robert Alexander
 founder of now Washington & Lee Univ.
 https://www.wlu.edu/presidents-office/about-the-presidents-office/history-and-governance/past- presidents/robert-alexander

Augustine Warner Jr, common ancestor of George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustine_Warner_Jr.

Elizabeth Crawford-Meriwether
 Her family is said to be descendents of Sir Roland Crawford, the grandfather of  Sir William Wallace (the subject of Mel Gibson's 1994 epic movie Braveheart.)

Meriwether Lewis of Lewis & Clark

Robert Beverley, Jr. planter and political figure 

General Robert E Lee, Lee family married Eskridges American general, Confederate Army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_E._Lee

Pocahontas through Jane Rolfe

President James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States (brother in law of Eskridge descendant) 

President Zachary Taylor, 12th President of the United States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zachary_Taylor

President James Madison, 4th President of the United States

President Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Jefferson

William Foushee - 
 Surgeon in the Revolution. First Mayor of Richmond Virginia

Reverend Daniel Marshall of Georgia

William Shakespeare through Daniel Marshall
 (descendent of his sister)

Basil Gildersleeve
 Katherine Lane Weems (daughter of Basil Gildersleeve)

Samuel Eskridge Kenner, 
 Member of House of Representatives South Carolina
 Andrew Robinson Johnson Sr - 
 (special thanks to Michael Stone Johnson for some A R Johnson family pictures) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A.R._Johnson_(Louisiana_politician) (great x 2 grandfather)

Sunshine R. Johnson-Nesbitt (You Are My Sunshine)
 (great aunt, who I am named after)

Major General Major Samuel White (family secret  -- nephew of Houdini) http://www.af.mil/AboutUs/Biographies/Display/tabid/225/Article/105242/major-general-major-s- white.aspx
 (Married great aunt, and also Grandfather's sister)

Henry Warren Ogden - U.S. Congressman, wealthy planter in Bossier Parish.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Warren_Ogden

 Tennese Ernie Ford
 American recording artist and television

  "A Mighty Roar Beyond the Mesh and Lares and Penates" written/put together by Noi Celecta Bliss-Seymour and family.  (some entries may not have source and this would be it)
 see also:
 Pittman Family Record
 Eskridge Family Record 
 Johnson family record
 Branstetter family history

The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong, of ..., Volume 2 By Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight
 Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who Came to America Before ... By Frederick Lewis Weis, Walter Lee Sheppard, William Ryland Beall, Kaleen E. Beall Colorful Ames - Volumes 1-2 - Page 165
 History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts - Volume 2 - Page 413 https://books.google.com/books?id=b10zAQAAMAAJ
 Americans of Royal Descent: A Collection of Genealogies of American Families ... By Charles Henry Browning
 Useful links:
 see STORIES page

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